Property Management / Landlord Services



24/7 emergencies

Maintenance planning 

Annual inspection

Lease enforcement 

conflict resolution

Rent Collection

Bill Payments


Regular Monthly Fee





Just Maintenance





$ 75

$ 100

$ 125


Business Plus Package









$ 100

$ 125

$ 150


* Unique offeriing:  "Just Maintenance" package. Take $25 off regular monthly fee. Please enquire for more details. 

a-la-Carte, On demand Services


Repairs, installations, upgrades

 - will manage or perform services as required. Special discounts offered to property management customers under contract. Contact us for details.

Conierge legal services

Form preparation / service          $ 75

Attendance at hearings                $ 400

Filing orders of eviction                $ 65

Attendance at property                $ 80

Tenant Turnover Services

Terminiation (voluntary)

 - Administration, final inspection, closing - $ 125


New Tenant Acquisition

 - Screening, marketing, lease prep / signing - 75% of monthly rent


Additional Inspections  - $80     


Property Manager with Tenant clients.

Owning a rental property can be a great investment but sometimes you just need someone to call for additional help. renovation contracting firm leveraging it's expertise in repair and renovation to help landlords effectively manage their investment. The advantage is simple... You deal with one company who can not only look after property maintenance issues but also rent collection and tenant marketing, screening and lease management and enforcement.

We take a no nonsense approach with no hidden fees and will work with you on a best fit for your situation. Ensuring you are kept well informed on the status of your investment we can closely manage day to day issues, maintenance planning,providing direct contact and periodic reports.


We get hands on! uniquely offers repair services in-house and therefore can repair discounts for our property management clients. In the end, most repairs are standard fixes and therefore, we save you money!  However, should there be any need for specialized service we take care of the details sourcing suitable expertise and managing the project until completion. 

In the end, we take the stress out of owning real estate rental investments while offering cost effective solutions to ensure maximized returns. Please consult with us to get specific information based on what you need and your particular situation. We can provide a flexible solution to meet your needs. can customize services to meat your specific situation that include the following:

• Advertise and tenant showing, screening, and lease signing

• Collect rent and administer expenses

• Tenant relations-handling complaints and requests

• Routine inspection of property

• Day-to-day maintenance of property provided in-house in most cases. 

• Prepare and serve notices

• Plan and oversee renovations and repairs

• Ensure communication and reporting as needed

• Other duties as required

Below is a schedule of our no nonsense fee structure covering most situations. We will work with you to design a package right for you!